August Sale Wines

Here is a list of Specials we have for August 1st to August 31st 2016


Super BIG BIG Special:

Cru Select La Batalla

Spanish Tempranillo Cabernet Grenach

$50 Off  –  On Site Winemaking Deal – Make it here and save more!

$20 Off  – Cash and Carry Deal – Make it at home and still save money.

Supplies are limited – Act now.

La Batalla 2016


Special of the Month:

Grand Cru 4 Week Wine Kits

All Wine Styles

15% Off

Regular Prices vary from $70-$75 – you save $10.50-$11.15 per kit.

Make them here at the On-Site Winery and your prices will be as low as $3.65/bottle (for 30 bottles)  These kits can be ready in only 4 weeks.  It’s fast, convenient, and affordable.  Try us for your wines today.

Grand Cru sale


Fruit Wine Sale:

Orchard Breezin’ Fruit Wines:

  • Banana Pineapple Paradise
  • Cranberry Craze
  • Cranapple Celebration
  • Green Apple Delight

$40 each, while supplies last, supplies limited – Act now!

Note:  At our On Site Winery we can make any of the Orchard Breezin’ kits and have them ready for you in as little time as 2 weeks!  Ask us for details.

OB Raspberry

On Site Winemaking is now here!

Grape & Grain has always been your friendly neighbourhood wine and beer supply shop. Now we are branching out into “On-site Winemaking”, sometimes known as B.O.P.’s (Brew On Premises), U-Vints, U-Brews or simply a “winemaking” shop. The basic concept is we can now provide you a place to brew your wine or beer. Our equipment is used for every step of the process, and we do all the heavy lifting and clean up.
Making wine with us is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. YOU START THE WINE OR BEER – Come see us anytime, pick out your wine, and start it up in our facility using our equipment. Mix the ingredients in our clean sterilized primaries, and add the yeast.
  2. WE DO ALL THE WORK – Transferring, stabilizing, degassing, clearing, and filtering. We do all of it. All you have to do is have patience for 4-6 weeks (2-3 weeks for beer).
  3. YOU BOTTLE THE WINE OR BEER – Schedule an appointment and come in and bottle your wine. It will be filtered and ready for you, bottle fillers, corks and corkers will be provided. Beer is not filtered, and will require a period of 2 weeks additional time to self-prime before consumption.

Each batch of wine makes 23 litres, approximately 30 750ml bottles (or the equivalent). Beer also produces 23 litres, approximately 60 or more 341ml bottles (or the equivalent). To make onsite, you choose your wine (prices will vary) and we add an ‘on premise’ fee of $50 per batch. Beer choices are limited to BrewHouse kits at this time, and our ‘on premise’ fee is $30 per batch. Corks and caps are included at no extra charge. It takes 4 to 6 weeks from starting wine to the bottling stage, and 2-3 weeks for beer.

Optional additional charges may include:

  1. Extended storage time beyond 6 weeks – $2 per week.
  2. Bottles – $12/case for regular 750 ml wine bottles. Ask for details on other options or beer bottles.
  3. Labels and Shrink Caps – about $4 and $2, but some kits come with labels.

To get started simply come in and we can answer any questions you may have about the types and styles of wine that can be made. All of the wine kits we carry have been tested and we guarantee their quality. Our suppliers are all Canadian based, but they source grape juice from worldwide sources—North America (United States, Canada), South America (Argentina, Chile), Australia, New Zealand, Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Germany), and South Africa.
According to the rules set out by the Liquor and Gaming Authority, the customer is required to start the batch in person by mixing ingredients and ‘sprinkling the yeast’ on a batch of juice/must/wort to initiate the fermentation process. The customer is also required to fill the bottles and cork the wine at a later date. An appointment to start a batch is not required, only to bottle when it is done. Call us – we’ll be happy to set it all up for you.


Start Up

Pictured here are some of our initial wines just getting started (plus a couple of test beer batches) from late May 2016.

Categories New

Scotty’s Beer Kit Competition 2015 Winners

Well, after many long hours, and countless glasses of beer, the winners of Grape & Grain’s first ever beer competition are in. There were forty-two entries in twelve different categories which ranged from witbiers to porters, browns to bocks, and even a few alternative grain beers.

While all of the beers entered were judged for their merits, we had a desire to try to add something darker to our line of Scotty’s Beer Kits. Extra consideration was given to porters, browns, and stouts.

Given that over half of all entries of among these three styles, you wanted some darker beers in the line as well!

So without any further ado, let’s get to the results and see what is going to be the “Next Scotty’s Beer Kit”


Grand Prize Winner receives one of each Scotty’s Beer Kit (including the new winning one) – 12 total

Irish (I had another) Dry StoutGraham Gerrie

Note: There were a number of additional recipes entered with this entry. The instruction variations will be included in the final kit so that any of these can be made.

  1.  Base Recipe
  2. Pirate Stout – Base recipe plus 7g of crushed coriander pods soaked in 24 oz. of Caruba Rum for 3 days.
  3. Galaxy Stout – Base recipe plus 3.5 oz. Galaxy hops dry hopped for 3 days.
  4. “Stout and Stocky” – Base recipe plus 450g of crystal 77
  5. Vanilla Stout – Base recipe plus 450g of crystal 77 and vanilla extract to taste at bottling.
  6. Raspberry Chocolate Stout – Base recipe plus 450 g of crystal 77 and 8 oz. cocoa nibs which had been soaked in raspberry vodka for 3 days.

 Due to the nature of this, we will be naming the Scotty’s Beer Kit – Six Stouts to represent the options that make this beer different.


Runner-up Prizes Winner receives 3 Scotty’s Beer Kits of their choice (including the new one)

Oh Leiterbock – German Bock (dunklebock) – by Sasha LaTour

Kate the Great – Russian Imperial Stout – by Andrew Stokes


Thank you to all who entered! It is great to see such a thriving homebrew community in our area and look forward to perhaps hosting more events like this in the future.