New! All-Grain Smash Beer Recipes! Save $5!

Introducing a new line of Scotty’s beer kits; All-Grain Smash Recipes! Smash stands for Single Malt and Single Hop and is a great way to learn about different hop varieties.

We have four Smash recipes for you to choose from;

Scotty’s Amarillo Smash

Aroma & Flavor Characteristics: Intense and pungent. Red grapefruit overtones reminiscent of Cascade, overlaid with tropical fruit and ripe melon.

Scotty’s Citra Smash

Aroma & Flavor Characteristics: Strongly tropical and lush with a host of fruit flavors including peach, passion fruit, guava, lychee, lime and gooseberry.

Scotty’s Mosaic Smash

Aroma & Flavor Characteristics: Complex and pronounced. Strong impressions of citrus oil, balsam pine, blueberry, peach and tropical fruit (especially mango, but also shades of lime and mandarin orange).

Scotty’s Simcoe Smash

Aroma & Flavor Characteristics:  Provides a smooth bitterness and flavours described as citrusy, grapefruit and pine. A complex hop favoured by professionals and homebrewers alike.

All kits use Maris Otter as the base malt.

All kits use US-05 American Ale yeast.

All kits produce 21 liters of beer.

For the months of September and October each Smash recipe kit is $5 off!