New Year – New Stuff!

It has been a busy season with all the chaos of a good old Christmas and New Years!  And of course we had inventory to do here at the stores, as well as fitting time in for family and friends.  So that left the website not getting updated as much as we’d like.  Regardless of my ability to make up excuses, I have lots to tell you about.  So here goes….


Super 2 for 1 deal in the On-Site Winery

This month we have an awesome 2 for 1 special.  Brew 2 wines in our On-Site Winery for the price of 1 (regularly $50).  Our on site winery service charge covers the rental of all the equipment, storage, and labour (racking, stabilizing, filtering, degassing and general cleaning).  Having your wine made in our facility is a great way for you to make wine very conveniently – you save time, keep your space clean (it’s our mess to clean up), make wine that is guaranteed great, and most importantly save hundreds of $$$ over buying those wines at the store.

Here’s an example – Make 30 bottle of Grand Cru brand Chardonnay.  It costs $70 for the kit, and $50 for the On-Site Winery service charge.  Total is $120.  You get 30 bottles at a cost of $4 per bottle.  Compare that to a $12 bottle from the store (times 30 bottles is $360.  Oh, plus taxes…).  Now with our sale you don’y have to pay that $50 service charge on the second wine (save $50).  You make a second wine, this time a Riesling for the same $75.  Your Riesling now costs $2.50 per bottle (save another $400+).  And now you have a well stocked wine cellar ready for entertaining.  The catch?  Well you still need to add the liquids to the pail and pitch the yeast in (about 10 minutes) and come back in 4-8 weeks to put the wine into bottles and cork them (about 30 minutes).  Easy Peasy!

Call us or check out the website for details!


High-Tail is here!

Newly Arrived!  We recently received our small allocation of a very exclusive wine kit – En Primeur Winery Series “High-Tail” Niagara Cabernet Franc!  Hightail’s unique process allows us to bring you vineyard fresh grapes that are picked, pressed and packaged within 48 hours. The only other way to get juice this fresh is to press the grapes yourself!

  • 18 litre – 6 to 8 week kit
  • Canadian grown product
  • Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins included
  • Labels included
  • Available in limited quantities.

Niagara Cabernet Franc Canada’s Niagara region is well known for growing high quality Cabernet Franc. With its ability to age gracefully in the bottle, our 2016 Hightail Cabernet Franc is an essential addition to every well-stocked wine cellar. The wine is medium to full bodied with an excellent balance of acidity and grippy tannins that produce a savory mouthfeel. The palate features lovely flavors of dark fruit, spice notes, and vanilla, with hints of a herbaceous character on the finish.  Priced at $160


RQ’s are in

The first of our Restricted Quantity kits is in the store, and the next one is on the way!  These exclusive offerings only happen once a year, and we request that you sign up in advance to secure the kits you desire.  In fact our first two kits – the “Age De L’Elegance” French Cabernet Sauvignon and the “L’Age De La Grace” French Chardonnay are now officially sold out.

So why mention that here?  Well the French Merlot for February is on the way and I have a few left.  Also as I am on the waiting list for more, I would extend to any of you who are interested and missed our earlier announcements to put your names on my waiting list.  There is a faint possibility that some may become available.  Call us for details at 204-257-6770.


Micro Brew Beer Kits

New beer kits!  Grape & Grain welcomes “Micro Brew” beer kits to our line up of beer making choices. These are 23 litre kits with no water to add, and are produced here in Canada at a brewery in Quebec. Take them home for $65 or make them On-Site for $95.  Our initial offering include Blonde Ale, Northern Style Brown Ale, Scotch Ale, Imperial Stout and Classic White (Witbier).  In stock now, and more styles to come!


New Scotty’s Beer of the Month

We’re doing something new this year – introducing a new beer every month on a limited time basis.  These kits are a little different than our regular Scotty’s Beer Kits.  They make 19 litres of beer, and are made using dry extracts instead of our usual liquid malt.  Each month will be something new.  Be sure to check in regularly and see what’s brewing!

To start the year off, we made a hoppy wheat beer called “Amarillo Face”.  We still have a couple left, and the February beer just got made as well.  Check it out:

January Scotty’s Beer Kits Beer of the Month – “Amarillo Face”  Details:

Type:  Wheat Beer

Cost: $45+ free yeast! (up to a $12 value)

Note: These ingredients usually cost over $50 if purchased separately, so you save 10% plus get free yeast. That’s $62 in product for $45!
Availability: In stock now! This is a limited time offer.

The Beer: Amarillo Face is a wheat beer with, you guessed it, lots of Amarillo hops. Those hops give it a flavour much like a very aromatic pale ale. Have you ever had a 3 Floyds wheat beer – it’s close to that.

Original Gravity: 1.040-1.044
Final Gravity: 1.009-1.011
IBU: 35-44
ABV: 4.0%-4.5%

February Scotty’s Beer Kits Beer of the Month – “Big Little Guy”  Details:

Type:   Session Ale

Cost: $45+ free yeast! (up to a $12 value)

Note: If purchased separately these ingredients cost over $53, plus yeast. The value of this package is $65 in product for $45!
Availability: In stock now! This is a limited time offer.

The Beer: Little Big Guy has all the hop flavour of a big IPA, with the low alcohol and smoothness of a session ale.  With a short 20 minute boil and loads of pine and citrus notes from Amarillo, Simcoe, and Crystal hops, this beer is a breeze to make.

Original Gravity: 1.042-1.046
Final Gravity: 1.009-1.013
IBU: 30-35
ABV: 3.8%-4.9%

March Scotty’s Beer Kits Beer of the Month – “To be announced, it’s still a secret”  Details:

Hint:   Something to do with goats……