We carry a variety of kits, equipment, and ingredients for wine, beer, and cheese making.

This page serves as a listing while we develop an online catalog.

If you are looking for an item in these categories but it isn’t listed here, please contact us as we may be able to bring it in from a supplier or already have it in the store.


Wine Kits

We carry the RJ Spagnols brand of wine kits.  We currently stock their RQ, En Primeur Winery Series, Cru Select, Cru International, Grand Cru, and Orchard Breezin‘ lines of product but we can readily bring in any items from their catalog.

Beer Kits

We carry the Brew House and Coopers brands of beer kits, plus our own line of liquid malt extract-based Scotty’s Beer Kits.

Cheese Kits

We carry the New England Cheesemaking line of cheese kits, cultures, ingredients, and equipment.

You may wonder “Why is Grape & Grain linking directly to NEC’s webstore?”  We bring in the majority of their items at reseller’s prices so that even after USD exchange, brokerage, shipping, and overhead our in-store prices are comparable to your cost of ordering from New England directly — with the added benefit of your supplies being in Winnipeg already for pick-up today!


Whether it be for wine from scratch, beer, sake, plum wine, mead, cream soda, cheese, root beer, cider, bagels, sewa or tela, we have a wide variety of:

  • malted grains
  • flaked grains
  • yeasts and nutrients
  • hops
  • adjuncts
  • flavour extracts
  • fermentable extracts
  • bacteria cultures
  • sanitizing chemicals
  • stabilizers
  • water-adjustment chemicals, plus more!


We carry, and can order, an assortment of equipment for all stages of fermentation of many types in addition to gear for cleaning, bottling, kegging, serving, and cheese-making.

A quick overview includes:

  • recipe and instructional books
  • carboys
  • primary pails
  • starter kits
  • FastFerment kits and accessories
  • siphon rods and tubing
  • wine filters and filter pads
  • mash tuns
  • kettles
  • false bottoms and sparge arms
  • grain bags and hop socks
  • corks and corkers
  • caps and cappers
  • stoppers and air locks
  • bottles, growlers and jugs
  • cheese molds, mats, and presses
  • cheese cloth and butter muslin
  • grain mills
  • Cornelius kegs
  • carbon dioxide tanks and manifolds
  • dual-gauge regulators
  • spigots and faucets
  • pin-lock and ball-lock fittings
  • bottle brushes and draining racks
  • corkscrews, bottle openers, beer-glass chiller cozies, and bottle gift bags
  • cheese slicers, measuring spoons, pipettes and acidity testing supplies
  • … plus, you guessed it, more!

Please remember, if you didn’t see what you need for your do-it-yourself food or beverage making passions please let us know.  Our customers are our most-valued source of information on new developments in the hobby!