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Flaked Wheat

When brewing a traditional Witbier or Hefeweizen, Toasted Wheat Flakes by OiO will prove to be a great addition to the recipe. Heat rolled for better convenience, Toasted Wheat Flakes may be added directly to the Mash Tun with barley and wheat malt, and will contribute to the overall sugar content of the wort. When used in rates up to 10% of the grist, Toasted Wheat Flakes will improve foam formation and stability, as well as contribute to a fuller body and smoother mouthfeel, which can be used in a very broad range of styles. For obtaining a distinct wheat flavour and haziness the rate should go up to 40% of the grain bill.


Color °L 1.0
Protein Total 12
Moisture % Max 7%
Extract FG Min 80%

Flaked Wheat