Spring is Springing!

Hey folks we’ve got some great sales this month! Among others we have Orchard Breezin’ kits on sale for $8 dollars off, our Grand Slam Spring Bundle gets you any Grand Cru wine kit of your choice for 5 dollars off, and the gifts with purchase will ensure that your bottles are as elegant as you can make them. Fontana cider kits are a great entry to cider making and their new $20 price point makes them accessible for all brewers. Last but not least come start a wine or beer this month at our Brew on Premises and get $10 off your service fees.


BOTM-Beer of the Month- BOCK OF AGES  

March’s Beer of the month is awesome!

Original Gravity: 1.067-1.070
Final Gravity: 1.016-1.019
IBU: 26-32
ABV: 6.3%-7.1%

(Gene clearly agrees)

This bock rocks! This traditional bock uses Munich as the base to create a rich, malt-forward beer. Add Melanoidin and Special B malts for richness and a slight stone fruit sweetness, and you’ve got a delicious beer that will have your friends coming back for more every time!



Our Grand Cru kits are a year round favorite, whether you’re sipping a glass beside the barbecue or around a table with good friends and a great game, this line fits the bill.

The Deal  

  • $5 off all grand cru kits
  • FREE shrink tops
  • FREE labels of your choice




These 10L cider kits are great for those times where you want to brew something sweet, but really don’t want a full 23L  of it. The various styles ensure that everyone will find something they like, whether that’s a traditional apple cider or something a touch more adventurous, like strawberry.