Storefront Closed, Online Store Open

Hey Folks,
Starting Thursday, November 12th Grape and Grain’s physical storefront will be closed to the public. Our online store,, remains open 24/7 and we will continue to offer $5 delivery and free curb-side pickup throughout the shutdown. Feel free to call or email to arrange orders as well.
Also, please allow us a little more time to get orders ready for pickup and delivery.
The on site winery is still operating, and the government has temporarily lifted the requirement that “the customer” needs to mix the liquids and yeast. This means we have the ability to start up your wines for you – so feel free to phone in an order or place it yourself on the online store (remember to add “service charge on site winemaking” for each batch).
Also, during the lockdown we are able to bottle your wines for you, keep them here until it is safe to pick up, or deliver them. If you would like us to use your bottles – bring them in fully cleaned, and we will quarantine them for three days and then proceed to bottle your wines.
Remember these are temporary measures, and once the lock down is over we will return to regular operating procedures.
Stay safe. Cheers!