The Arcana Collection RQ 2021 Wine Kits

Hey Folks,

The year 2021 marks Restricted Quantities 21st program, featuring an entirely European line-up of varietals. Restrictive Quantities is proud to present the Arcana Collection!

Journey into the mystical realm of tarot and discover new experiences in wine with these five limited releases.

The RQ wine kits for 2021 are available for pre-order. Here are the releases for this year;

January Release

Spain Tempranillo Merlot (Red) – The Empress


Spain Muscat (White) – The Chariot

February Release

France Cabernet Sauvignon (Red) – The Emperor

March Release

Italy Nero d’Avola – The Magician

April Release

France Rosé (Pink) – The Wheel of Fortune


Red wine kits come with;

Bourgovin RC 212 Yeast

American and French Oak either chips or powder

GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins

White wine kits come with;

QA23 Wine Yeast

Rosé wine kits come with;

Bourgovin RC 212 Yeast

The deadline to pre-order these wine kits is November 10th. After that orders will not be excepted.

Each wine kit retails for $160. If two or three kits are bought they are $155 (save $5 each) and if four or five kits are bought they are $150 (save $10 each).

Call or email with your name, number and which wine kit(s) you would like. When the wine kit arrives, usually the first half of the release month, we will call you for pick up.



The Grape and Grain Team