Welcome to Steel-Town! Stainless Steel Town that is!

Grape & Grain has just received more new brewing kettles!

Our newly expanded selection now has some larger kettles that have some really dynamic new features.  Whether you need a basic 5 gallon kettle for making malt extract brews, or a larger 8 gallon, 8.5 gallon, 10 gallon, or even 20 gallon for all grain brewing – we have them in stock today!  Kettles now range from $25 to $369 – something for every level of brewer.



New to Grape & Grain are Ss Brewing Technologies kettles!  We now have in stock 10 gallon and 20 gallon kettles ($250 and $369).  Other sizes available to order include a 15 gallon, a 30 gallon, and even a 50 gallon.


These kettles have the following features, including the integrated Trub Dam.  It is a weldless pickup tube / trub dam that fits into the back of the ball valve, allowing for easy transfer of more wort, and less trub!

Additional Features for the 10 gallon kettle (20 gallon kettle in brackets):

  • Heavy duty 18 gauge 304 Stainless
  • 1.2 x 1.0 height to width ratio
  • Triclad bottom – no scorching!
  • Silicone handles for safe handling
  • Internal etched gallon markings, start at 2 gals (or 3 gals on the 20 gallon kettle)
  • Thermometer port positioned at 4 gal level (7 gal level on the 20 gallon kettle)
  • High Quality Weldless Fittings
  • Robust riveted handles for safety
  • Hang lid on side handles
  • Optional bimetal thermometer
  • Optional coupling for thermometer
  • Dimensions: 10 Gallon Kettle – 16.5″ H x 13.8″ W (20 Gallon kettle – 21.25″ H x 17.7″ W)
  • 10.7 Gallons total volume  (22.7 Gallons total volume)