This year, Restricted Quantities invites you to experience the magic of craft winemaking with an expressive collection of alluring wines that will charm you at first sip but make a lasting impression with their magnetic power. 

Deeply energetic, captivating and attractive, these five charismatic creatures hailing from Australia and South Africa –

are bound to enrapture the winemaker in you.

(Launching January 2023)

Please note that these are pre-order wine kits only. Each kit has its own release month, which can be found in the description of each kit, you will receive a call when the kit is available for pickup in that particular release month. 

A $50 deposit is charged now, which is non-refundable, with the remaining balance paid in store when the kit is pickup. 

Each wine kit retails for $175. If two or three kits are bought they are $170 (save $5 each) and if four or five kits are bought they are $165 (save $10 each).

The deadline to pre-order these kits is October 26th/2022. After that no pre-orders will be excepted.