Cheese Kit Basic 30 Minute Mozza & Ricotta K2

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This cheese making kit is fun for all ages, simply add milk and enjoy. What could be better than making fresh, homemade mozzarella in your own kitchen.

With this kit you can go from fresh milk to stretching mozzarella in approximately 30 minutes. Along with mozzarella you can also make fresh whole milk ricotta, yum. 

When making mozzarella, or any cheese, we always suggest local dairies, when available. For mozzarella the milk needs to be processed below 170F, at the dairy, for proper curd formation.

Dairy thermometer
1 yd Butter muslin
3 oz Citric acid
5 Vegetable rennet tablets
3 oz Cheese salt
Recipe booklet

Make mozzarella in 30 minutes
Up to twenty 1lb batches
Easy to use
Additional recipes, including whey bread

Rennet tablets will last approximately 1 year at room temperature. When stored in the freezer, rennet tablets will last for 5+ years.

Other contents in this kit will last indefinitely, at room temperature.